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Policy / Make Life More Affordable

Make Life More Affordable

I’m running for Conservative Party leader to bring respect back to our politics.

People are sick and tired of divisive attack politics and political theatre.

Canada needs a leader with a real plan to make life more affordable. No more talk. It’s time for action.

Here’s my plan to Make Life More Affordable:

  • We will scrap the carbon tax — you’ll save money on fuel and heating
  • We will end supply management — you’ll save money at the grocery store and create new opportunities for Canadian farmers
  • Our YIMBY plan to build more homes will make housing affordable again 
  • We will get our budget back to balance — and once we do, we’ll start cutting taxes and paying down the debt, so life is more affordable for all Canadians
  • We will fix Canada’s broken tax code

Click the links below to learn more about my plan.

Together, we can build a better Canada. Let’s get to work!