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Scott Aitchison is a consensus builder focused on delivering solutions for Canadians. It’s what he did as Mayor in Huntsville, and it’s the approach he will bring to leadership in Ottawa.

He takes a common-sense conservative approach to politics to build consensus, guided by his principles, to get things done and address the challenges at hand.

He’ll be putting forward real solutions to tackle the biggest issues of our time, including housing, climate change, affordability, health care, strengthening the rule of law, and increased support for our armed forces.

Here’s what our team has announced so far:

YIMBY: A Plan to Build More Homes for Canadians

We are facing a housing crisis in Canada. We need URGENT action to fix this mess.

Here’s what I’d do as Prime Minister:

We’re going to end exclusionary zoning in big cities. We will work with cities to set clear rules for building new housing and tie funding to results. And we will end the divisive, repetitive, and highly political debates that stall new housing projects.

We got housing built when I was mayor in Huntsville with a common sense approach to planning. We set clear rules and incentives for builders, and it’s the kind of leadership we need in Ottawa.

We will get shovels in the ground faster and make sure we have skilled workers to do the job. We will fix the immigration system to recruit more skilled labour and support the skilled trades in Canada.

We will invest in affordable social housing across Canada. We’ll partner with home builders to fund new units, repair existing units, and clear the long waitlists for social housing. Everyone deserves a home.

We’re going to crack down on money laundering. Canada’s housing market is not a stash house for the world’s criminals. We’ll work with law enforcement to make sure they have the tools to root out any criminal activity.

For the past 7 years, the Liberal government has been all talk, no action. This is a real plan. This is the right approach.

End Supply Management, Lower Grocery Bills

It is time we Conservatives end Pierre Trudeau’s supply management system.

We will do it to help families struggling with their grocery bills.

We will do it to help farmers sell their exceptional products around the world.

We will do it because it’s the right thing to do.

If you’re with me, I need your help. Let’s get to work and end supply management. 

Affordability & The Carbon Tax

Inflation is through the roof. The cost of gas has skyrocketed. Housing prices are out of control. The last thing Canadians need are higher taxes.

If Scott becomes Conservative Party leader, our team will have a real plan to fight climate change. But we will never support a carbon tax.

Let’s get to work and stop the carbon tax.

Real Leadership on the World Stage

For years, Canada’s Armed Forces have been starved of resources. The war in Ukraine has shown how incapable Canada is of mounting a serious response to the global challenges of today. The world has changed. And it is time for leadership in Ottawa to address this stark reality.

That’s why I announced my plan for Real Leadership on the World Stage.

Here are my top priorities for Canadian foreign policy, as next Conservative leader:

  • Keep Canadians Safe and Secure
  • Grow Economic Opportunities
  • Advance Human Rights and Democratic Governance Around the World

Learn more by reading my full plan for Real Leadership on the World Stage

End All Mandates

Vaccine mandates are not supported by public health officials, but Justin Trudeau is still dividing Canadians and pitting them against one another.

He’s not doing it for public health — he’s doing it because he thinks it’s a great way to win votes. We need a leader who will stand up for ALL Canadians.

It’s time to end all mandates and bring respect back to politics in Canada.

Bill 21

Freedom of religion is a charter right. This includes the right of every single Canadian to proudly wear a cross, hijab, turban or a kippah at their place of work. Bill 21 is wrong, and Scott will stand against it.

Our Party has a proud tradition defending freedom of religion around the world. We need to have the courage of our convictions to do the same here at home.

Scott will be touring Quebec to speak with those directly impacted by Bill 21’s discriminatory laws, and we want to to hear how best we can support them to see Bill 21 repealed.

Federal Budget: Balanced & Sustainable

While a recovery from the lows of the pandemic and higher resource prices have helped government coffers, after 7 years of running deficits it is clear Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland have no plan to get the budget back to balance.

When are they going to learn: the solutions to the problems of today cannot be solved by simply announcing billions of dollars in new spending and hoping it will go away.

As Mayor of Huntsville, we had balanced budgets every year. And we set aside the money needed each year for capital upkeep of our assets so that the services people rely on were protected, for the long-term. 

It was the right approach for our town, and it’s the kind of fiscal discipline and management that is lacking in Ottawa. We need a new approach in Ottawa, and that is why I want to build a Conservative team that can win the next election and bring responsible government that works for Canadians.

Coming Soon

We’ll have lots more to say in the coming weeks about specific policies — check back soon for our campaign announcements!