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Real Leadership on the World Stage

Canada needs real leadership on the world stage.

Here’s what I’d commit to doing as the next Conservative Party leader:

Keep Canadians Safe and Secure

Today’s women and men in Canada’s Armed Forces deserve better. For far too long, Canada has neglected to resource our forces with the personnel and equipment they need to keep Canadians safe. 

Our allies are literally forming new alliances without us, because Canada today is an unreliable partner on the world stage.

Here’s what we’d do to keep Canadians safe and secure:

  • We will meet our commitments to our NATO allies and spend 2% of our GDP to build up Canada’s Armed Forces.
  • We will fix military procurement and end the decades-long processes that deliver nothing for our Armed Forces.
  • We will invest in defending our Arctic sovereignty, integrated defence, and modern equipment for our Armed Forces.
  • We will ban Huawei from our 5G networks and work with our security experts to review any threats caused by Justin Trudeau’s dithering and delays.
  • We will work with our partners to determine how Canada can best contribute and join the new AUKUS alliance formed by the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Grow Economic Opportunities

For too long Canada’s approach to global trade has been short-sighted and rarely looked beyond our American neighbours to the south. We must think bigger if we are going to continue to be one of the most prosperous nations on earth. Here’s what we’d do:

  • We will work to get Canadian energy to global markets, including oil, gas, and nuclear technologies. We can meet the world’s energy needs, create economic prosperity at home, and reduce emissions around the world.
  • We will scrap Pierre Trudeau’s supply management system to open up more markets for Canadian products around the world.
  • We will support Taiwan’s bid to join the CPTPP agreement to expand trade opportunities in the Asia-Pacific.

Advance Human Rights and Democratic Governance Around the World

Israel and Taiwan are both small, but their symbol in advancing human rights and democratic governance around the world cannot be understated. Here’s what Canada can do to support them:

  • We will move Canada’s embassy in Israel to their capital, Jerusalem
  • We will partner with our allies to ensure we are countering Iran’s ongoing threats, including their threat to annihilate the world’s only Jewish state.
  • We will support Taiwan, recognizing them as the independent sovereign democratic country that they are.
  • We will work with our allies and trade partners to welcome Taiwan into the TPP and support their efforts to join international bodies like the WHO, obtain observer status at INTERPOL, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

These are the main priorities Canada must advance to keep Canadians secure, create more economic opportunity, and advance human rights and democratic governance around the world.

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