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Protecting Canadian Health Care

Canadians cherish our public health care system, but COVID-19 exposed just how fragile our healthcare system is.

In fact, Canada’s healthcare system ranks second worst (only beating the United States) among high income countries, according to a 2021 report by the Commonwealth Fund.

Costs are out of control. Waitlists for surgeries are getting longer and longer. Patients are sitting in hallways instead of hospital beds. People are suffering because politicians are afraid to have the hard discussions about the changes we need to fix health care in Canada.

We cannot be afraid to debate the future of health care in Canada.

We need to look at other models around the world, like the Dutch model, and prepare to make significant reforms to our health care system.

As Conservative Party leader, I will work with provinces to expand hospital capacity, reduce wait times, and increase the number of hospital beds. 

We will spend less on health management and invest in better frontline health delivery.

And we will do the hard work required to protect Canadian health care for future generations.

Canadians are counting on us — add your name if you’re with me! Let’s get to work.