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Fixing Canada’s Broken Tax Code

Canada’s tax code is a mess.

Over 3,000 pages of jargon and nonsense even accountants and lawyers can’t figure out.

And you’re paying for it.

If we want to make life more affordable, we’ve got to fix it.

Taxes should be simple, predictable, fair, and lower — that’s my plan to fix Canada’s broken tax code.

As Conservative leader, I will:

  • Make taxes predictable and fair by flattening the tax code and eliminating credits and loopholes used to dodge taxes
  • Lower taxes by raising the basic personal exemption, helping thousands of Canadians escape poverty
  • Save you hundreds of dollars every year on tax preparation by getting the CRA to do your taxes

And once we balance the budget, we’re going to use our surplus every year to pay down the debt and cut taxes.

That’s a real plan to make life more affordable.

Let’s get to work — add your name if you’re ready to Fix Canada’s Broken Tax Code!