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Fight Climate Change and Protect the Environment

For seven years, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have missed every single climate target they’ve set. 

Conservatives can do better.

My plan to Fight Climate Change and Protect the Environment will get it done.

If I become Conservative leader, here’s what we’ll do:

We will have an infrastructure resilience plan to help Canadians adapt to extreme weather events.

Climate change is here, and we need to invest before disaster strikes — not after.

We must reach our net zero emission targets by 2050.

We’ll lower industrial emissions by making the biggest polluters pay.

We’ll phase out coal, densify our cities, and invest in technology — not taxes.

We’ll focus on nuclear power and carbon capture to get it done.

We will build a greener economy — creating good jobs in Canada and selling our technology and expertise to the world.

We’ll continue to develop and offer the technology needed to fight climate change — and sell it to the world, driving down emissions across the globe.

That’s a real plan to fight climate change and protect our environment.

If you’re ready for a Conservative Party leader who will lead the fight against climate change without a punishing carbon tax, I need your help in this leadership race.

Add your name — let’s get to work!