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A New Approach on Tackling Gun Crime

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are once again trying to divide Canadians. This time using firearms.

On this issue like so many others – it’s time to turn down the temperature and have a reasonable conversation about what we’re trying to achieve. 

The existing rules and regulations for firearms owners in Canada are very rigorous.

The firearms used to commit crimes in Canada are already illegal. And Justin Trudeau’s proposed changes will have no impact in fighting crime nor make our streets safer.

The current approach is failing Canadians:

  • The Liberals use firearms as a constant wedge to divide Canadians, playing on the US news cycle
  • The real cause of gun crime – guns smuggled over our borders illegally – is all but ignored
  • Legal gun owners don’t have any predictability that what they own today will be legal tomorrow. Firearms can arbitrarily be added to the prohibited list with no notice and no promise of a buy-back.
  • The existing rules make no sense. So called “black rifles” (rifles that cosmetically look ‘scarier’ because they’re black and mostly plastic and metal) are far more likely to get added to the prohibited list regardless of their functionality. If you have two firearms and they are functionally the same – same rate of fire, magazine size, barrel length, and caliber – they should either both be prohibited or not, regardless of appearance.

We need a new approach.

For legal firearms owners:

  • Cancel Trudeau’s bizarre and ill-thought handgun ‘freeze’
  • End Trudeau’s proposed ban on airsoft guns. These aren’t firearms, and they shouldn’t be treated as such.
  • Rely on expert advice, not politicians, and finally implement a simplified classification system that will classify firearms based on their functionality, not their appearance.

For getting illegal guns off our streets:

  • I will increase funding and resources to tackle the smuggling of firearms across our border, including supporting specialized firearms enforcement led by the CBSA and RCMP in collaboration with American authorities to target smuggling operations before firearms come across the border.
  • While straw-purchases represent a small percentage of firearms used in crime, they put a black mark on legal, responsible firearms owners. I will empower the RCMP to work collaboratively with gun shops to stamp out these purchases altogether.
  • Work to address underlying factors and help steer vulnerable Canadians away from a life of crime, which starts by addressing systemic inequalities in our communities.

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