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Meet Scott Aitchison

Meet Scott Aitchison

Photo, Scott Aitchison Campaign Rally

A Consensus Builder Delivering Solutions for Canadians

Scott Aitchison believes in a Conservative Party that represents the best of Canada. He believes that the breadth of the challenges we face as a country deserve a politics of determination, inspiration and hope. Scott Aitchison believes in a Canada where everyone has a shot at success, where everyone has a place to contribute and where hard work is rewarded.  

Scott Aitchison was born and raised in Huntsville, Ontario. After leaving home at 15, Scott was raised by the character of his hometown-  a community where neighbours show up for neighbours and your word is your bond. He knows firsthand what it’s like to overcome adversity through strength and persistence, and he’s determined to stand up for Canadians like you who want their politicians to be real leaders. 

Constantly looking for ways to roll up his sleeves and contribute to his neighbours, Scott was first elected at the age of 21 to Huntsville Town Council. After serving as Town Councillor, District Councillor and Deputy Mayor, he was elected as Mayor of Huntsville in 2014 on a promise of fiscal discipline, responsible governance and excellent customer service. As Mayor, he built a reputation as a consensus-builder relentlessly focused on breaking down barriers and finding solutions.

Taking Action in Ottawa

Recognizing how broken the federal political system is, Scott once again stepped up to put action to words when he ran to be a Member of Parliament in 2019. Seeing his ability to get results, the residents of Parry Sound-Muskoka overwhelmingly sent Scott to Ottawa on a promise to shake up the partisan gridlock in Parliament and stand up for the best interest of every Canadian from every walk of life. 

Scott Aitchison believes government should be a place where we can come together and ensure nobody gets left behind. He believes in finding common sense solutions to problems faced by Canadians like you and wants to lead a Conservative Party that reinvigorates hope, inspiration and character in our politics. Scott Aitchison believes that there is nothing wrong about Canada that cannot be fixed with everything that is right about it.  

The Right Approach

Scott knows it’s time for Ottawa to get back to basics, focus on what unites us and fix the problems Canadians are facing. Scott Aitchison is ready to get the job done.