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Conservatives must stand for the freedoms of all Canadians

May 25th, 2022

MONTREAL – Scott Aitchison, Conservative Party Leadership Candidate and Member of Parliament for Parry Sound – Muskoka released the following statement on the province of Quebec’s Bill 21 and Bill 96.

“The Conservative Party of Canada needs to stand for the freedoms and rights of all Canadians, in all 10 provinces and 3 territories.”

“As Prime Minister, my government will work with Francophone and Anglophone Quebecers to see both Bill 21 and Bill 96 repealed.”

“Canada does a lot to protect the minority French population in North America and for good reason. It is a strength of Canada that we have French and English as official languages. Quebec must protect the minority rights of English speakers in Quebec.”

“This discrimination is wrong in Quebec just as it would be wrong to deny Francophones access to healthcare in Ontario or British Columbia. Bill 96 is divisive and designed to exploit frustrations by discriminating against the English speaking minority in Quebec.”

“It’s bad for the province of Quebec and it’s bad for Canada. We cannot allow fear and anger to take away the rights and freedoms of Canadians.”

“Government policies that unite Francophones and Anglophones are what Canada needs. We cannot allow fear and anger to win in this country.”