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The Right Approach

March 21st, 2022

Yesterday, we launched my campaign to be the next leader of Canada’s Conservatives.

Our country faces serious problems. And we need the right approach to solve them.

Solving the challenges of our time requires more than politics as usual. More partisan bickering is not the answer. Solving problems requires real leadership.

I launched my campaign in Hunstville, where I learned what real leadership is, and where I was honoured to serve as Mayor before being elected MP.

In Hunstville, like small communities across our country, our word is our bond. Neighbours look out for one another. If it’s broken, we fix it, and when something bothers us, we don’t just sit back and complain, we stand up and take action.

As leader, my most important job will be to build and empower our team – all Conservatives, and all Conservative MPs, to thrive and achieve.

We need a leader who will respect all Conservatives. Diversity of thought makes our Party stronger, so long as we are prepared to respect each other. All Conservatives will have a genuine seat at the table under my leadership.

At my core, I am a leader who believes in common sense solutions to fixing problems. I believe in the value of teamwork and collaboration. I believe in the power of new ideas and fresh energy. And I don’t believe you have to attack someone else to get your point across.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, you can click here to watch my speech, and please, share it with your friends.

Now more than ever, Canada needs leadership to bring us back together and end the divisiveness.

That starts with respecting one another and uniting our party.

Join us, and let’s get started.

Scott Aitchison
Member of Parliament, Parry Sound–Muskoka
Candidate for Leader, Conservative Party of Canada