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Statement on Liberal—NDP Pact

March 22nd, 2022

Scott Aitchison, Member of Parliament for Parry-Sound Muskoka and Candidate for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada issued the following statement:

“The Liberal-NDP pact comes at a time when Canadians are already struggling from the pressures of current government policy that spends at unsustainable levels without even bothering to think about the long term economic health of our country.”

“The federal government already fails to live up to its commitments to fully fund our struggling healthcare systems, and now Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh want to force even more spending obligations onto the provinces as the Liberal-NDP pact shows.”

“Currently facing all-time high gas prices, out-of-control inflation and a housing market many can’t even dream of entering, Canadians are desperate for action that makes their lives more affordable.”

“The consequences of a Liberal-NDP pact could not be clearer: higher taxes, higher inflation, higher prices, and no plan to pay for it. Now more than ever, our Conservative Party must present a strong governing alternative to the status quo. Canadians are counting on a plan from the federal government that respects provincial jurisdiction, fixes healthcare, lowers taxes, unleashes the full economic power of Canada and gets our budget back on the path to balance.”

“Our country is counting on a strong and united Conservative Party to get results in Ottawa. I’m ready to work with our members to get the job done.”